Saturday, 30 November 2013

FutureScope Astrology Today: 1 Dec 2013

Daily Aries:
Lots happening at home and work. Stay put and things will fall in place. If things are stick up in relationship, they may more ahead in the coming week.
Daily Taurus:
Some thought will crowd your mind. Try not to think so hard. Give it time.
Daily Gemini:
You may get new ideas related to work. 
Daily Cancer:
Not a good time for work. Spend time with family.
Daily Leo:
Good time for new beginnings. Luck will flavor you today.
Daily Virgo:
Its a good time to garner family moments.
Daily Libra:
There may be tensions on the business front. Deal with them calmly.
Daily Scorpio:
Travel is on cards. Close family members will be with you.
Daily Sagittarius:
You can express your creative side successfully today.
Daily Capricorn:
Party time today!! Mingle and sing a Jingle.
Daily Aquarius: 
Luck is on your side today. Path may be difficult , but you will be successful at the end.
Daily Pisces:
A normal day today. Sit back and relax.

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