Thursday, 28 November 2013

FutureScope Astrology Today: 29 Nov 2013

Daily Aries:

Regular day for Arians. Stick to your daily chores, exercise and eat healthy.
Daily Taurus:

Your will feel the need to be loved.
Daily Gemini:
Great time for matters related to property. You will feel love towards your partner.
Daily Cancer:
There may be tension in household. Keep your calm.
Daily Leo:
Not a good time to take up new assignments. Hold on to your regular routine.
Daily Virgo:

May feel to take impulsive decision. You may have difficulty to put your feeling into words.
Daily Libra:
Spend money wisely. You may face anxiety in relationship.
Daily Scorpio:

Good time to get gains at work.
Daily Sagittarius:
You will be gung-ho to express yourself openly. You will attract attention.  
Daily Capricorn:
You will strongly feel like supporting a cause. You will get support from family.
Daily Aquarius:  

You are prone to accidents today. Be careful.
Daily Pisces:
you may have to deal with family matters.

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