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Kareena Kapoor and her rise as an actress

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Birth Date:  21 Sept 1980
Birth time: Unknown
Birth Place: India
Our glamorous bebo is hard working and dedicated towards her profession. Want to know more, here’s why -
Let us analyze Kareena Kapoor’s Chandra Kundali to see her Professional Life:
-       -  Kareena’s 10th house is occupied by Mars. Mars is 4th lord and 11th lord. This indicated she will work in business that is related to her family. Mars is also the 11th Lord. Hence she will get good income from her work.
-        -  Mars and Uranus in 10th house indicate that work environment will be demanding and unpredictable.
-         - The 10th lord is Venus. Venus is in 7th house at 21 degrees. Rahu is also in the 7th house, at 24 degrees. Here we see a close venus-rahu conjunction. Venus is the karaka for arts and rahu would give glamour. That sure explain her profession.
-        - Moon is at 22 degrees in makara rashi. Ketu is at 24 degrees in makara rashi. Moon and Ketu are in close conjunction. This will always make her worry about situations.  
-          This moon-ketu combination is aspecting venus-rahu. This may give her under work related stress. This also shows her sincerity and full involvement in her work.
-      -   Her main rise to fame will be in the rahu mahadasha (as the birthtime is not known, exact dates cannot be pin pointed). Rahu being in close conjunction with venus, this will make her rise to great heights and shine. 

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