Friday, 29 November 2013

Kareena Kapoor – in Harmony with Number 3

Numbers play very important role in your life. If you are in harmony with your birth number, path to success will be happier and easier.
Here’s a good example of being in harmony with numbers.
Kareena Kapoor – born on 21 September 1980. She is so much in sync with number 3 and 9. 3 and 9 are friendly numbers. 3 is intelligence while 9 being impulsive and business minded.

-          If you add the numbers in her birthday (21), the answer is 3.
-          She was born in September – 9th month of the year
-          The total of the year she was born in (1980) is 9
-          If you take the total of her full birthdate (21/9/1980), the answer is 3
-          Chaldean numerology wise, total of the surname ‘Kapoor’is 9
-          Chaldean numerology wise, the total of her full name ‘Kareena Kapoor’ is 3
Her lucky numbers are 3 and 9. These numbers will prove beneficial for her in her career.

Success will continue to be on her side if she uses her full name ‘Kareena Kapoor’.

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