Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Astrology - December 2013 Prediction for Virgo

The theme of this month for you is - 'Moving Ahead'. Good Luck will be on your side this month. You will progress in your work place. Talks about various projects in the pipeline will move ahead. You will sign new agreements. These will benefit you in the long time. You should put in your 100 percent efforts.

If your work is stuckup in government offices, followup with it from the beginning of this month. You will get success. Also, those looking for traveling abroad, should schedule visa appointment this month.

This is a good month for selling house or vehicle. Artists will get good opportunities to present their art.

As you will be on your toes on the work front, there is a possibility of you neglecting yourself. You should eat well and on time. You may have small fights with your partner. Also, health concern about your partner may arise.

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