Thursday, 5 December 2013

Astrology - December 2013 Prediction for Scorpio

The slow moving planets (Saturn and Jupiter) are not in your favor. Hence, the coming year will not work in your favor. But this month, the  you will receive help form faster moving planets, specifically Sun, Mercury and Mars.

This month is good for successfully implementing big projects. You will rise in status. A good month for business as well.

As the lord of house of money (Jupiter in your case) is retrograde in eighth house, coming year is not very lucrative. But, you receive temporary relief this month. If you money was previously stuckup, chances of you getting it now are high. This month will also prove to be financially beneficial.

If you are  parent, you will be worried about your children. Its advisable to not send your children for picnics or trecks this month. 

A normal month as far as marriage in concerned. 

Property deals can be finalized this month. But take utmost care in the dealings.

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