Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Daily Predictions - FutureScope Astrology Today: 5 Dec 2013

Daily Aries:
You will feel happy from the bottom of your heart. You will sweet moments with your partner. Lucky number 1. Lucky color: grey
Daily Taurus:
If you want to succeed in work, you will have to change your approach towards it. There is a possibility of getting new project. Lucky number 7. Lucky color: deep purple
Daily Gemini:
You creativity will be at its peak today. Obstacles in our work will be solved. Lucky number: 5. Lucky Color: Orange
Daily Cancer:
You will have to work hard to prove yourself. You will meet new people. Lucky number: 6. Lucky Color: Pink
Daily Leo:
You will feel full of Life today. Your work will receive good results. Lucky Number: 4. Lucky color: Khaki
Daily Virgo:
You will receive a good news today. People will be receptive to your advice. Lucky Number: 9. Lucky Color: Red.
Daily Libra:
You will shine in social life. You will receive help from your elders. Lucky number: 3. Lucky Color: Khaki
Daily Scorpio:
You will eagerly look forward to start new work. You will feel like helping the someone. Luck Number: 5. Lucky Color: red
Daily Sagittarius:
This is a day for socializing with friends. You will benefit from short term investments. Lucky number: 8. Lucky color: brick red
Daily Capricorn:
You will be on unnecessary spending spree today. Your partner will be by your side today. Lucky Number: 5. Lucky Color: Orange
Daily Aquarius: 
You will spend time with your friends. You will be lucky at work place too. Lucky number:8, Lucky Color:black
Daily Pisces:
You will have to maintain you calm at work today. Short term investments will benefit you.  Lucky number:4. Lucky Color: Light Yellow

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