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Deepika Padukone - Kundali Analysis for Profession

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Birth Date: 5 January, 1986

Birth Time: Unkown

Birth Place: Copehagen, Denmark
Deepika is one to the top heroines in Bollywood today. Born on 5th Jan 1986, she seems to be the most sought after heroine today. Lets see her kundali for Profession:
She was born in Copenhagen, Denmark on 5th Jan 2013. Lets analyze her Chandra Kundali  (given above):
-    -      The 1st house has 7th Lord (mars), 10th Lord (moon) and 2nd(mars) Lord. This is very beneficial for he career. This combinations gives her fame and money from profession.
-      -    Rahu is the karaka for maya. In Deepika’s chart, it is place in the 7th house. Here again, this helps her in getting fame.
-       -   Mercury is also a good planet for her. Though it is the 12th lord, it is also the 9th Lord. It is placed in the 3rd house, the house of initiative. It aspects the 9th house. Hence her luck strongly favors her.
-      -    Jupiter is placed in fourth house. From here, it aspects the 10th house of profession. Hence she receives strong backing in her career. Her main success in career will be in Jupiter Mahadasha. It brings name and fame. Saturn Mahadasha starts after Jupiter Mahadasha. Saturn may divert her from career and settle her.
-     -     Venus, Sun and mercury combination shows initiative as an artist. Mars in the lagna makes her athletic and full of energy. Moon-Ketu combination will give her worries. With Saturn in the second house will give her good savings. 

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