Tuesday, 3 December 2013

FutureScope Astrology Today: 4 Dec 2013

Daily Aries:
Today’s day may rise your tensions related to family. There may be difference of opinion with your mother. Control you anger. Lucky Number: 6, Lucky Color: Deep Maroon
Daily Taurus:
Your moon is in 8th house today. It will increase your worries at work. Be vigilant when you are discussing any deals. Lucky Number: 9, Lucky Color: Deep Orange
Daily Gemini:
You will benefit from previous financial investments. You will hear good news related to your partner’s success. Lucky Number – 1
Daily Cancer:
It is necessary to eat healthy. There is a possibility of stomach related issues. Take care in your dealings in business. Lucky Number: 5, Lucky Colour: Deep Red
Daily Leo:
When doing investments, look at long term deposit options. Get advice from an experienced person. You will be concerned about your child’s health.  
Daily Virgo:
Your wishes will be easily fulfilled today. You will have a good time at home. Lucky number is 3.
Daily Libra:
Consult seniors in new dealings. Good time at work today. Lucky number is 8. Lucky color is blue.
Daily Scorpio:
You will have to be quick and dedicated towards your work today. Lucky number is 4. Lucky color is Silver.
Daily Sagittarius:
It’s a great day at home today. You will hear good news from a family member. Lucky number is 2. Lucky color is orange.
Daily Capricorn:
There may be differences with your partner. Take care that wrong perceptions are not created. Lucky number: 5. Lucky color: green
Daily Aquarius: 

You will do silly mistakes at work. Your competitors are in good position today. Lucky number 7. Lucky color: khaki
Daily Pisces:
Your social status will rise. Seniors will appreciate your work and talent. Lucky number: 3. Lucky color: Golden.

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