Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Full Moon in January says “Express Yourself “

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Full moon occurs on 16 January when moon enters Cancer and Sun is in Capricorn. Cancer represents emotions, home, mother while Capricorn is strict and career oriented. This is a good time to create balance between home and career.

On personal front, this is the time for expressing your feelings. Romance will blossom. Good time to build new relationships and get new friends. Whatever has been in your mind will surface during this full moon. A good time to express yourself. If there have been problems in relationship, this is a good time to talk it out. 

Mercury and Uranus are supporting each other during this full moon. This will help you be sincere about your feelings and speak the truth. You will find solutions to many-a-problems that have been pending. 

Sun is in Capricorn, a sign ruled by Saturn. This will make us aware where our emotions are coming from and will keep us grounded. This will result in control over your emotions. 

Message from this Full Moon in cancer is Express Yourself !!

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