Thursday, 26 February 2015

Your 4 Rashis

What Rashis/ Signs is your life made up of?

Every person’s life evolves based on 3 main rashis/ signs; namely, the Lagna Sign, Moon Sign, Sun Sign and Navamsha  Lagna Sign.

Lagna Sign: This is the Rashi that falls in the first house of your horoscope. Lagna Rashi defines your way to life and your approach in life.

Moon Sign: This is the Rashi where the moon is in your horoscope. Moon Sign defines your mind.

Sun Sign: This is the Rashi where the sun is located in your horoscope.  Sun Sign defines your Status, position in Society and your career.

Navamsha Lagna Sign:  This is the rashi that falls in the first house of your navamsha kundali.
If moon is in first house of the horoscope, the Lagna Rashi and Moon rashi becomes the same. For example, if the Lagna rashi is Aries and the moon is also situated in Aries – then the moon sign and the Lagna Rashi of the person become the same. So, traits of Aries Rashi will be clearly  seen in this person. 

If sun and moon both are situated in Lagna, then the Lagna Rashi, Sun Sign and Moon Sign all become the same. In this case, the traits of the lagna rashi will be very prominently seen.

Know your rashis to understand your life !!

Thursday, 5 February 2015

How to Study Astrology

1. Study Vedic Astrology methodically. Get your basics clear. Join an astrology course and write exams. Getting your basics very well in place will take you 2 years. Don't be in a rush. Half knowledge in astrology can prove to be dangerous.
2. Select a subject and do research. Graph your results. Do your research under the guidance of a teacher.
3. For Prashna Kundali, learn KP Astrology (Krishnamurthy Paddhati). I would strongly recommend that you first have building blocks of vedic astrology in place.
4. Going a step further, get the basics of Numerology and Palmistry.
5. Practice, Practice, Practice !! Solve a lot if Kundalis.
The more you solve, better insight you will get.
Join online astrology forums.

This would make you an all round Astrologer.
7. When studying Astrology, keep your own kundali aside. If you are too involved in your own kundali, you will not be able to study other kundalis well.
8. Last but not the least 'Be Sincere and Have a Pure heart'.

On a lighter note: A person with good analytical mind can become a good astrologer. This makes 'Software Engineers' good candidates for studying astrology.

!! Shubham Bhavatu !!

Manglik Kundali / Mangal Dosha

When Mars is located in 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th, 12th houses from lagna, it is said to be a manglik kundali or Mangal Dosha.
Mars has 4th, 7th and 8th aspect. Aspect of Mars is said to be malefic. When Mars is in first house, it aspects the 7th house of marriage. People with Mars in 1st house are hearstrong and quickly become angry.

When Mars is located in 4th house, it aspect the 7th house of marriage (by its 4th aspect). 4th house represents house. People with Mars in 4th house lack peace at home. They are the toublemakers at home.

Mars is considered most inauspicious for marriage when placed in 7th house. The 7th house indicates Marriage and spouse. This placement of Mars can create conflicts in marriage.

When  Mars is in 8th house, it aspects, 3rd house (representing destiny of Marriage). When in 12th house, Mars aspects the 7th house of marriage (by its 8th aspect).
Natives with Mangalik placement of Mars have greater physical desires. It is recommended to match a manglik kundalik with other manglik kundali.
Saturn and Rahu have the strength to overpower Mars. Hence, people with Saturn and Rahu in 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th, 12th houses in kundali can prove to be a good match for marriage.
Manglik Dosha gets cancelled with Mars is in its own rashis (Aries, Scorpio) and when it is in its exaltation rashi (Capricorn).

Manglik dosha has less effect in the following conditions:
 - Mars is in the sign of its friends - Sun, Moon and Jupiter (Cancer, Leo, Sagittarius, Pisces).
 - Mars is aspected by Jupiter
Non-Manglik marriage with manglik can work out if the kundali of the non-manglik has either Shani or Rahu that can handlethe mangal in the 'Manglik' kundali. Hence, both the horoscopes should be judged carefully before mariage.


What is Sade Sati ?
When the gochar saturn transits over the moon in your kundali, you are said to have sadesati. This happens approximately every 27 years. Sadesati lasts for 71/2 years. Suppose your moon is in Mesha Rashi. your sadesati will start when gochar saturn enters picces. You will be under the effect of sadesati when the saturn is in Pisces, Aries and Taurus. Your sadesati will end when moon enters Gemini.

What are the Effects of Sadesati?
As moon is karaka for mind, sadesati will give you tensions. Saturn will have your work hard and face the harsh realities of life. If taken in the right stride, by the end of sadesati, you will be a more matured and strong as a person.

How to deal with Sadesati -
Sadesati is not the same for all people. People having a strong moon will experience less issues during sadesati. Also, if the house in which your natal moon is has good marks in ashtakvarga, your sadesati won't be as tough.
Also, not all 71/2 years of sadesati are tough. It very much depends of your kundali (placements of planets and the dashas you are running).
Instead of dreading sadesati, deal with it. Identify your tough times and opportunities. Understand what can work for you and what cannot. Know your path of least resistance. Make use to Jyotish to enlighten your future. You will emerge a winner !!
Shubham Bhavatu !!