Thursday, 5 February 2015

How to Study Astrology

1. Study Vedic Astrology methodically. Get your basics clear. Join an astrology course and write exams. Getting your basics very well in place will take you 2 years. Don't be in a rush. Half knowledge in astrology can prove to be dangerous.
2. Select a subject and do research. Graph your results. Do your research under the guidance of a teacher.
3. For Prashna Kundali, learn KP Astrology (Krishnamurthy Paddhati). I would strongly recommend that you first have building blocks of vedic astrology in place.
4. Going a step further, get the basics of Numerology and Palmistry.
5. Practice, Practice, Practice !! Solve a lot if Kundalis.
The more you solve, better insight you will get.
Join online astrology forums.

This would make you an all round Astrologer.
7. When studying Astrology, keep your own kundali aside. If you are too involved in your own kundali, you will not be able to study other kundalis well.
8. Last but not the least 'Be Sincere and Have a Pure heart'.

On a lighter note: A person with good analytical mind can become a good astrologer. This makes 'Software Engineers' good candidates for studying astrology.

!! Shubham Bhavatu !!

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