Thursday, 26 February 2015

Your 4 Rashis

What Rashis/ Signs is your life made up of?

Every person’s life evolves based on 3 main rashis/ signs; namely, the Lagna Sign, Moon Sign, Sun Sign and Navamsha  Lagna Sign.

Lagna Sign: This is the Rashi that falls in the first house of your horoscope. Lagna Rashi defines your way to life and your approach in life.

Moon Sign: This is the Rashi where the moon is in your horoscope. Moon Sign defines your mind.

Sun Sign: This is the Rashi where the sun is located in your horoscope.  Sun Sign defines your Status, position in Society and your career.

Navamsha Lagna Sign:  This is the rashi that falls in the first house of your navamsha kundali.
If moon is in first house of the horoscope, the Lagna Rashi and Moon rashi becomes the same. For example, if the Lagna rashi is Aries and the moon is also situated in Aries – then the moon sign and the Lagna Rashi of the person become the same. So, traits of Aries Rashi will be clearly  seen in this person. 

If sun and moon both are situated in Lagna, then the Lagna Rashi, Sun Sign and Moon Sign all become the same. In this case, the traits of the lagna rashi will be very prominently seen.

Know your rashis to understand your life !!

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