Sunday, 23 April 2017

Career Guidance and Astrology

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After completion of basic education, there can be confusion at the time of selection for the correct field of study. Astrology can help at this juncture.

With the help of Astrology, you can find suitable career for you: 

- Selection of field of study after 10th Std
- Selection of career

For selection of field of education, lagna lord, rashi lord and lord of 5th house play an important role.
Sometimes, the planets in the lagna, fifth house also play a role.

Is depends on which planet is the strongest and what yogas it makes with lagna lord and rashi lord.

The ninth house plays an important role for post graduation.

Success in Competitive exam depend on Lord if third house and third house.

Dashas and Gochar at the time of education play a very important role.

Grahas Indication Science: Surya, Shani, Mangal
Grahas Indicating Commerce: Budh
Grahas Indicating Arts: Shukr, Chandra, Guru 

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