Sunday, 23 April 2017

Seeing Education in Kundali

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- The Karak Grahas for intelligence in Budh
- The karak Graha for knowledge in Guru
For seeing education in the Kundali, following need to be analyzed:
- Lord of First hourse, this shows how a person thinks
- Rashi Swami, This shows the wishes of the person
- 4th house and Lord of 4th house - for primary education
- 5th House and Lord of 5th house, for secondary education
- 9th house and lord of 9th house for post graduate education
- 3rd house for Competitive exams

Grahas Indication Science: Surya, Shani, Mangal
Grahas Indicating Commerce: Budh
Grahas Indicating Arts: Shukr, Chandra, Guru 
The Dasha and Gochar during the years of education are import for success in education. 

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